The Birth of a Traveler

My childhood was fairly comfortable. I had a less than desirable family situation, but I never went without. I was always provided for. There was some semblance of stability. I had rarely ventured outside of my familiar Florida bubble. A trip to Wisconsin to visit grandma and some time in Indiana with my godmother – nothing too exciting. My junior year of college changed everything.

An urge to see new places welled up inside of me. Hours of browsing travel blogs and photos of exotic places online occupied my time. I wanted to pop my cozy bubble in the very best way. I wanted to travel.

I spent free time during my internship researching all of my options. The most exciting was a study abroad opportunity with my college. I realized that the upcoming summer was my final (and only) chance to do so. The program wouldn’t offer the classes I needed during my fast approaching senior year. It was now or never. I then noticed the cost of the program. It would easily cost $10,000. My family was lower middle class and could never afford such a thing. Financial aid would help with some of the cost, but I would still need thousands.

So I did what any girl with an extreme case of wanderlust would do: I created a GoFundMe account and begged people for their money. Seriously. That’s what I did. I didn’t enjoy asking for handouts, but it was worth it if I could have the chance to travel. I managed to raise several hundred dollars, but that wasn’t enough. Eventually, my godmother offered to help fund the trip, and I decided to sell my car to raise the rest of what I needed. Who needs a car when there’s a whole world to be explored?

It was all history from there. I packed my bags several months later and embarked on a 6 week study abroad trip in Valencia, Spain.



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