Barcelona: The Hangover Tale

It’s difficult to fathom the adventures waiting for you on the horizon when planning a trip. You browse travel blogs and Pinterest posts, building up an idea of what your trip will be. We heard Barcelona was absolutely beautiful and that there was plenty to explore. This was enough to reel us in. We rounded up a couple other peers and made quick plans. One four hour bus ride later – we had arrived. However, there was no shortage of complications. As traveling always seems to dictate, things rarely go smoothly.

We arrived and half the group we planned to stay the weekend with left us high and dry with our Airbnb. We still had half a bill to pay, and nobody to help us pay the rest. Even worse than that – we arrived to this place and it didn’t look anything like the photos. It was grimy. There were mattresses laid out on the dirty floor. God even knows how old these mattresses were. The toilet was hardly flushable. This place was a nightmare and we needed out. We walked out and cancelled the reservation.

Here were four of us wandering the unknown streets of Barcelona searching for a place to stay. We struggled to locate a hotel, as none of us were able to access internet on our phones. And none of us realized how difficult it would be to find Wi-Fi. We discovered a beautiful museum in the midst of our search and did make a fun little pit stop. This museum had a wonderful collection of medieval and gothic works. This made me particularly happy because I am completely in love with the gothic style.

After enjoying some artwork, we dragged ourselves through the streets of Barcelona for hours before we finally found a bar with free Wi-Fi. But hey, this was one way to see the city. A hotel was booked and off we went. Miraculously, for being so last minute and on such a low budget, it was a very nice hotel.

The festivities began soon after. We dolled ourselves up and took to the bars. “Ice Barcelona” was the first and most anticipated stop of the night. It was the famous bar made entirely from ice. The walls, the drink glasses – literally the entire bar. We were handed parkas and gloves to wear. It was a neat experience to say the least. There were beautiful sculptures. Colorful lights reflecting elegantly off of the ice. However, one can only endure below freezing temperatures for so long. The novelty eventually wears off and you find yourself shivering up to your friends for warmth.

The party went on as we continued to a string of bars along the coast of the Mediterranean. As the festivities went on, I failed to realize that drinks in Europe can be stronger than drinks in America. I’m a small person and already easily affected by alcohol. Let’s just say, I had a very memorable (or not so memorable) night.

I woke up the next morning sick as a dog – on the day that we were supposed to explore the sights. Though I was feeling so awful, I knew I needed to suck it up and enjoy the little bit of time I had in this beautiful city. I ended up stopping each hour so that I could sprint to a bathroom. I was positively green on the metro. We visited the famous Park Guell and I took a break to sleep on one of the park benches. In a nutshell, I puked my way across Barcelona. But wow, did I learn my lesson. European alcohol can be much stronger and you should probably pace yourself.

Thank you Barcelona for showing me a great time, and for allowing me into your bathrooms.


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