Reveling in Rome

Next weekend destination: Rome, Italy. This was the land of the cannoli, red wine, and ancient architecture. Walking through cobblestone streets and gazing upon beautifully aged brick buildings sent me back through time. This city is the definition of “old meets new.” One can walk through hip, modern areas of Rome and still encounter buildings that have been standing since ancient times. These ancient buildings are scattered throughout the city. Being able to so casually walk past them was an amazing feeling. Even the Coliseum was smack dab in the middle of the city. I was truly awestruck.

Though not technically a part of Rome, Vatican City is obviously something worth mentioning. Being the center of the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican City is the iconic home of the Pope. This small part of Italy was just as beautiful. There were enormous, well-ornamented buildings everywhere. Detailed sculptures. Sophisticated fountains. Basically, everything in Vatican City oozed wealth. I mean, it is also the home of Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. Sadly, I was not able to catch a glimpse of the Pope, but I did love exploring his city.

Going back to Rome – the food and the wine was delicious. I ate the best pizza of my life. There was mozzarella and basil on everything, olive oil was the new butter, and somehow every glass of wine tasted like heaven. I feel compelled to add that during this time, I was not a fan of red wine. I actually disliked most red wines, yet I loved them all in Rome.

My only complaint about this gorgeous and historical city is about the people. Everybody says that the French are rude, but I’d like to point out the fair amount of rudeness I experienced in Rome. Their attitudes rival the French. The locals definitely behaved with an air of superiority.

However, all in all, I had a very pleasant time in Rome. I highly recommend going on some adventures through this magical city!



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