When in Ibiza

No Euro trip is complete without a stop in Ibiza. Gorgeous beaches and world-renown clubs made this small Spanish island into THE weekend getaway. My inner 21-year-old was beyond ready for this – the music, lights, dancing, and the beachside sangria.

My roomie and I took a short late night flight to the island. We had some DJ’s we planned to see that very night. Dressed up in our club attire, hair and makeup done, we boarded the plane ready for another adventure. We dropped our bags off at the very small studio sized Airbnb room we rented and booked it to the show. Even better, we somehow managed to get VIP tickets for fairly cheap (compared to the cost of everything else in Ibiza). We met up with our other friend and literally danced the night away.

Ilan Bluestone was among one of my favorite DJ’s that night. His music is so smooth and hypnotic. I loved his performance. We left the club as the sun was coming up, feet blistered and throbbing. There was a small pull-out bed calling our name.

Next on our list were the beaches. They were every bit as stunning as we imagined them to be. One beach had the softest white sand I had ever felt. The water was crystal blue. It was like something out of a vacation brochure. Another beach was surrounded by breathtaking cliffs. The scenery from beach to beach varied, but all were equally beautiful. The nude beachgoers also provided quite a bit of scenery. As an American, it was hard not to gawk. Though I can appreciate nude sun bathing, it took some time to get used to.

Final notes on Ibiza: just about everything is overpriced. I couldn’t find a single decent meal for under $30. The streets are loud all through the night – you’ll hear the party goers outside of your window until the sun rises (ear plugs were a blessing). You can find a lot of neat items being sold by street vendors everywhere. And the white sangria was delicious.


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