Wandering the Pacific

Being from Florida, I’ve always felt most at home when I’m by the water. This is another reason I’m so in love with San Francisco – the big city collides with the vast Pacific Ocean. Nothing is more calming than to hear the waves crash against the cliffs at the shoreline.

This spot quickly became my favorite of the city. I found my favorite little hiking trail that I mentioned in one of my previous posts. And not only did I find that, but I discovered a really great beach (which makes sense being that I was by the ocean, right?). I remember climbing up a round of cliffs and being able to see rocks, sand, and water for miles. I must have stood there for the longest time. I could not make myself move. I felt that I needed to spend time truly appreciating it all.

When I was eventually able to move, I found a corner near the beach, between some trees, and I sat down. It may have been an odd, random place to sit down, but I needed to do it. I needed to hear the waves. See the colors of the ocean and the trees. Read the graffiti on the sea wall nearby. Smell the air. Let my senses collide.

In that moment, I was happy.



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