Cliché In All The Right Ways

I unexpectedly went to Las Vegas earlier this year and I unexpectedly loved it. Everything I have ever seen in movies indicated that Vegas would be dirty, tacky, and much too cliché. Though all of those adjectives can describe some parts of the city at times, they definitely don’t describe the city as a whole.

The buildings were all so massive. And what really impressed me were the hotels – because they weren’t just hotels. Literally every major hotel on the strip included a full (and I do mean full) shopping mall, dozens of restaurants, several bars, recreation areas, and a casino of course. They were enormous! The architectural design of them all was neat too. Each hotel had a specific design meant to match a theme. Some buildings were Roman inspired, Asian, etc. I loved the creativity.

On one late morning, I ate a fantastic eggs benedict in a restaurant located on top of an Eiffel Tower replica. So one might also say that the food in Vegas comes with an atmosphere. There was also a fine Italian restaurant located in one of the mega-hotels (sorry, I can’t remember which hotel exactly), and I actually stepped up into a dimly lit room with faux brick walls that gave the restaurant a genuine Italian feel. Each meal was an adventure.

And on one final note, you must check out The Chandelier in the Cosmopolitan hotel. This is a bar in which you’re literally surrounded by an enormous chandelier. The crystals are a beautiful, elegant purple color. It’s just one surreal experience of many when you visit Las Vegas.

There was so much to do there, and I definitely couldn’t do it all in one weekend. But I think it’s worth checking out at least once. If it’s not your style – hey, at least you gave it a try!



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