Golden Gate Park Burritos

I sat in the middle of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park and just watched. I saw dozens of trees that reminded me of the “whomping willow” in Harry Potter. I saw grey clouds in the sky hanging ominously above me. I saw people walking idly past me to their destinations. And I saw the burrito-caused stain on my jeans. Whoops.

Seriously though, the Golden Gate Park is a magical place with a lot to offer. There are so many variations in scenery for just one park, and there are a bunch of attractions. This park takes an entire weekend to explore alone. It features the Japanese Tea Garden, California Academy of Sciences, De Young Museum, Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park Aquarium, and several other attractions. There truly is something for everybody. My two favorites that I’d like to discuss specifically are the Japanese Tea Garden and the De Young Museum.

I ventured into the Japanese Garden wearing my santa hat and what I referred to as my “Where’s Waldo?” scarf. It was full of luscious trees and adorable little ponds. Tucked away was a building where people could order Japanese food and enjoy a cup of tea. I then discovered an interesting little bridge. I observed people climbing up the bridge and then climbing down the steep steps. I’m horribly.. horribly.. afraid of heights, but my boyfriend essentially told me that I just had to climb this bridge. So away I went. I definitely experienced a moment of anxiety once I reached the top and knew I had to find my way back down. And I may have been passed up by young children while climbing. But hey, I made it. That’s what counts.

The De Young Museum ended up being my favorite attraction there. While roaming around downtown San Francisco one weekend, I noticed advertisements of an Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the museum. Being the fashion fanatic that I am, I could not pass that up. That exhibit was one of my favorites that I have ever attended at any museum. Being able to stand in the presence of vintage gowns designed by a fashion legend left me speechless. They were absolutely breathtaking. It was obvious the amount of time he put into his designs. But not only his designs – the physical creation of these garments. The eye for detail was almost impossible to believe. I went through that entire museum by myself – just a girl and her notebook. And it was the happiest I had been in a long time.

There are countless places in San Francisco that have become an enormous source of inspiration for me. Golden Gate Park is one of those places. Whether I’m surrounded by nature, beautifully crafted clothes, or simply people watching, it is definitely a place that creates a sense of bliss. The burrito’s aren’t half bad either.


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