Finding My Place

I learn something about myself each time I make a trip out to San Francisco. I was out there a few weeks ago to catch up with somebody while also working on a new creative project I’ve started up. I met some great new people while working on it. I went along with a couple photographers to do some photo shoots around the city, and it left me feeling inspired. Something about this trip was different.

Being that I’m not from San Francisco, I’ve never really known anybody out there. It was always this mysterious, amazing place I got to visit as an outsider. But the city is different to me now. For the first time, I not only feel a sense of belonging, but I also have the confidence to move forward as a person. I realized that I’ve been holding onto the past. I’ve clutched onto things and people whom may have been what I needed years ago, but aren’t what I need now. I’ve grown and changed. Ask me who I was two years ago; there’s no way I can compare that person to who I am today.

Making friends around the city this time around left a greater impact on me than I could have anticipated. It helped me to realize that I don’t need any one person. I can meet new people who will love me. There’s no shortage of amazing people out there – people who will help me rise up.

I will never forget the feeling I had when hopping off of the subway with my borrowed camera for these photo shoots. Or when I went bar hopping with an entire group of new friends. Or when I sat on the grass of a beautiful park drinking beers and listening to music with these people. Present was an overwhelming sense of adventure and excitement. Everything felt right. I finally found my place there as an individual. I don’t need to carry the past around with me anymore.

This trip reminded me that I am my own person. I create my own success. Not all relationships are meant to last. The past doesn’t need to hold me back. People and moments may come and go – and that’s okay. It’s a part of life that I’m learning to accept. I’m ready to move on.

(I’d like to extend a special thank you to Nick and Michelle. Thank you for helping me to feel like I belong there. That weekend meant more than you know.)



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