Remembering to Breathe

I’m sitting at home, watching the rain fall with my dog at my feet. The lightning flashes across the sky. My tea has gone cold. A new acoustic playlist I’ve discovered fills the space around me. This morning has become an unexpected time for meditation. I didn’t intend to spend my morning this way. I had other plans for how I should spend my time. But I suddenly find myself grateful that I get to enjoy this fleeting moment of peace.

Because that’s all moments are. Fleeting. It’s easy to get wrapped up in thoughts about what we don’t have – the things that are lacking from our lives. After all, there’s so much in the world to yearn for. Whether it be that perfect job, material things, the next vacation, more friends – anything. And I know plenty about that. I’m always killing myself to make everything perfect. I forget that not everything in life can be controlled. Hell, not all of life is meant to be controlled. It’s meant to be lived.

Sometimes we need to step back and remember what we have. Though there’s nothing wrong with working for what we want in life, we shouldn’t get so wrapped up in the hustle that we forget to appreciate the little moments.

This is a reminder to all of us out there: breathe.


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